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          • 產品名稱:德國布魯克臺式能量色散X射線熒光光譜儀S2 POLAR

          • 產品型號:
          • 產品廠商:布魯克(BRUKER)
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          德國布魯克臺式能量色散X射線熒光光譜儀S2 POLAR是德國布魯克推出用于石化行業的高性能多元素臺式EDXRF分析儀。上海鑄金分析儀器有限公司本網站簡單介紹了德國布魯克臺式能量色散X射線熒光光譜儀S2 POLAR,希望對您了解本產品有所幫助。如您欲了解德國布魯克臺式能量色散X射線熒光光譜儀S2 POLAR更多信息,可聯系上海鑄金。

          德國布魯克臺式能量色散X射線熒光光譜儀S2 POLAR

          德國布魯克臺式能量色散X射線熒光光譜儀S2 POLAR產品簡介:

          布魯克S2 POLAR是一種基于極化能量色散X射線熒光(EDXRF)的新型多元素臺式分析儀。S2 POLAR為石化行業的質量控制提供了出色的分析精度,這種精度通常只有更昂貴的波長色散X射線熒光(WDXRF)儀器才能實現。

          德國布魯克臺式能量色散X射線熒光光譜儀S2 POLAR分析汽油、煤油和柴油中的超低硫(ULS)含量,能達到亞ppm范圍內的檢測限,其性能超過了各種國際規范和規定,使得S2 POLAR也適合未來的要求。S2 POLAR具有同時測量多種元素的能力,包括用于防腐劑中的氯和殘留物堆積的磷,非常適合煉油廠、管道、油碼頭和汽油的下游供應鏈站的分析需求。值得注意的是,S2 POLAR將多個單元素分析儀的性能結合在一臺功能強大的臺式儀器中。

          對S2 POLAR高精度的需要的另一種應用是在石油制造商和油混合器中,其中潤滑油中的添加劑的測量(如鎂、鈣、鋅和鉬)對于有效使用添加劑和降低生產成本非常重要。

          德國布魯克臺式能量色散X射線熒光光譜儀S2 POLAR可為所有相關的ASTM、DIN、IP、JIS和ISO規范提供合規分析。布魯克的多語言TouchControl?界面和ASTM標準D7220、D4294、D6481和D7751的工廠校準應用程序包,提供了“即插即用”的簡單操作。其SampleCare?組件保護支持儀器長時間正常運行和高穩定性。

          德國布魯克臺式能量色散X射線熒光光譜儀S2 POLAR技術參數:


          S2 POLAR - Technical Details

          S2 POLAR Refinery Analyzer




          Elemental analysis in refineries e.g. sulfur analysis of 

          gasoline, diesel


          kerosene, jet fuel, heating oil

          naphtha, residual oil to crude

          Further elements on request (e. g. P, Cl, Fe, Ni, V)

          All refinery applications on one unit


          ASTM D7220-17: Sulfur in automotive, heating, and jet fuels from 3 ppm to 942 ppm
          ASTM D4294-16: Sulfur in petroleum and petroleum products from 16 ppm to 5 %
          Ready-to-analyze solutions* for ASTM D7220 and D4294 including blanks, set of standards, QC and DC samples
          Fulfills ISO 13032, 20847, 8754, IP 336, 496, 532, 
          and JIS K 2541-4

          Norm-compliant sulfur analysis, internationally accepted, including ultra-low sulfur (ULS) applications


          Dedicated, optional pre-installed push button methods to fit for purpose

          Detection Limit (LLD)

          0.7 ppm S at 300 s measurement time

          Precise and accurate S measurements, including ultra-low sulfur (ULS). Enables thesh-hold relevant process control at all steps in refineries

          Measurement Range

          3 ppm to 5 % S, combined in one calibration with automated line switch 
          Higher concentrations on request

          One calibration with wide concentration range

          S2 POLAR Oil Analyzer




          Elemental analysis of additives in oils and polymers

          Elemental analysis optimized for petrochemical products


          ASTM D6481-14: P, S, Ca, Zn,
          ASTM D7751-16: Mg, P, S, Cl, Ca, Zn, Mo
          Ready-to-analyze solutions* for ASTM D6481 and D7751 including blanks, 
          set of standards, QC and DC samples
          Further elements and norms on request

          Norm-compliant analysis, internationally accepted

          Dedicated, optional pre-installed push button methods to fit for purpose

          S2 POLAR Refinery & Oil Analyzer



          Atmosphere Modes

          Helium mode 
          Vacuum mode

          Optimal light element analysis of liquids 
          Low cost of operation

          Sample Preparation

          Liquid cups, SampleCare cups, Prolene and Mylar® foils, pipettes, balance

          Accessories ensure high throughput of liquid samples. Low-cost per sample due to standardized liquid cups

          Further Options

          Emergency Machine Off (EMO)
          Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) 
          Sample rotation


          Compliant with safety requirements 
          Enables removing of liquid samples 
          Enhanced precision for inhomogenous samples, such as polymer pucks

          X-ray Tube

          50 W, high-power X-ray tube, max. voltage 50 kV, with polarizing HighSense? beam path 

          Optionally: 30 kV max.

          Max. power for short measurement times and high sample throughput, beam path optimized for petrochemical materials 
          Simplify regulatory efforts (e.g. Austria, France, Italy, Taiwan)


          HighSense? ULS Silicon Drift Detector

          Highest count rates for fast analysis, low LLD


          Integrated 12.1‘‘ TFT touchscreen, multilingual user interface: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese

          IslandMode? without external PC 
          Intuitive and easy-to-use, in your own language


          Ethernet port RJ45, 3x USB ports for mouse, keyboard, and printer; HDMI/VGA ports for external display, remote access via TCP/IP

          IslandMode? but not isolated, various options for printing and network data transfer, even fully remotely

          Power Supply

          100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 600 VA

          Standard wall plug

          Dimensions; width x depth x height, weight

          46.6 x 74.5 x 37.0 cm, 55 kg
          18.3’’ x 29.3’’ x 14.6’’, 121 lbs

          Small and compact for installations with limited space, e.g. for on-site process control in refineries


          DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, 2006/42/EC (CE-certified Machinery directive), 2014/35/EC (Electrical equipment), 2014/30/EC (Electromagnetic Compatibility),
          German Type Approval and Vollschutz according to BfS R?V pending,
          Fully radiation-protected system; radiation <1 μSv/h (H*), Compliant to ICRP, IAEA, EURATOM

          * Optional packages
          Mylar® is a trademark of DuPont Nemours Inc. 
          HighSense?, IslandMode?, SampleCare?, TouchControl? are trademarks of Bruker AXS.



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